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    tuning body kit modifications
    engine tuning YUILL BROS PERFORMANCE
    Yuill Brothers Drag Racing / Nitro Cars (Reno / Nevada)

    Edelbrock Alumium Cylinder Head
    FORCE INDUCTION / Supercharger / Blower superjection
    performer RPM package

    provides great horse power and torque gains
    the result is a dramatic performance improvement

    automatic Gearbox

    leather Interior
    Narda alu steering Wheel
    side exhaust Pipes
    blacked Rims with chrome Wheel Spinners

    Imported from USA to Belgium in 1990

    Since 1990 from same Belgian Owner

    Belgian documents
    new TUV technical approvement 11-2020
    new Service 11-2020
    new Tyres 11-2020

    • Leather interior